Formulas for Success: Creating Products with Purpose

Stand apart from your competitors’ products and successfully meet consumer demand by connecting with their buying mindset.

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Unique & Highly Effective Ingredients

Stratum Nutrition® sustainably provides world class nutrition ingredient solutions to nutritional product formulators. Stratum offers a portfolio of research-supported, branded ingredients that are progressive, safe and effective. These trusted ingredients are relied upon by consumers internationally. Stratum specializes in condition-specific categories which include structural, dental, and immune health to offer full solutions for nutrition supplements and functional foods.


How amazing it is to watch your unique & on-target products sell off the shelves like hot cakes.


What a thrilling experience it is when all that brain storming, consumer research & data sifting pays off.


How delightful it is to see that rigorous product launch process & hard work turn into cold hard cash.

Our "Man on the Moon"

Maintaining our drive and unwavering vision, as well as refusing to compromise on quality or integrity, is our way of serving the people whose health will benefit from our customers’ products down the line.